Icon Tower, Tel Aviv, Israel

Project: Icon Tower, Tel Aviv, Israel
Scope: Concept Design, Shop Drawings, Facade Structural Reports, Material Take-Off, VMU / PMU

Facade Materials: Curtain Walls, Solid Aluminium Cladding, Aluminium Doors / Windows, Canopies, Partitions, Balustrades

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Icon Tower in Tel Aviv is a 135-meter / 34-storey skyscraper next to a wide commercial floor that is located at the northern end of the Ramat Gan Diamond Exchange complex.

The building envelope is divided into 4 identical facades, each with a radial curtain wall that is finished on the balconies in every floor in all 4 corners of the building, ending with a gradient at different angles, producing variable shape for the height of the building. The multitude of details including steel balconies on balconies, aluminum sheet roofs, curtain walls on the commercial and ground floor – create a unique and intriguing structure.

Icon Tower –at 13 Menachem Begin Street- marks the first project of our company in the State of Israel and one that we are proud of.

We delivered Facade Engineering Services for the full building envelope (Curtain Wall, Metal Cladding, Ballustrades).