The Fifth Avenue Hotel | New York, USA

Project: The Fifth Avenue Hotel, New York, United States
Scope: Design of Window Wall System, Shop Drawings

Facade Materials: Window Wall System Custom Designed from SKYLINE FACADES

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Located in one of the most prestigious addresses of the world, the famous Fifth Avenue hotel is a Gilded Age landmark reimaged as a luxury hotel that unveils bold new ways of looking at the world.

The hotel was first built in 1859 and quickly “became the social, cultural and political hub of New York”.

Originally constructed of brick and white marble, stood at five stories over a commercial ground floor. The first example of Otis Tufts’ “vertical screw railway”, the first passenger elevator installed in a hotel in United States. A notable but cumbersome feature powered by a stationary steam engine carried passengers to the upper floors. Used a revolving screw that passed through the center of the passenger cab. The hotel by late 1800s employed 400 servants, offered private bathrooms (an unprecedented amenity at the time) and ran advertisements featuring a fireplace in every room. The hotel was host to numerous notable guests, both foreign and domestic, and was for a time, the most exclusive hotel in the city, and the center of social life for elite New Yorkers.

SKYLINE FACADES has proudly designed the Window Wall system for the renovation of this project and delivered Concept Design and Shop Drawings for the building envelope.