Skyline Facades

Company Profile

Welcome to Skyline Facades, a leading Façade Engineering firm dedicated to providing innovative and sustainable solutions for building envelopes. Our team of experienced Engineers, Architects, and Project Managers work together to deliver exceptional Design, Engineering, and Consulting Services that ensure your building’s envelope meets or exceeds your expectations.

As a premier Façade Engineering firm, we understand the importance of a building’s façade in its overall performance, energy efficiency, and occupant comfort. Our deep understanding of the latest industry trends, technologies, and best practices allows us to provide sustainable and cost-effective solutions that enhance the functionality, durability, and aesthetic appeal of your building façade.

From Concept Design to As-Built Drawings, our tailored and personalized services meet your unique needs and requirements. Whether you are looking to optimize your building’s thermal performance, improve its acoustics, or enhance its visual appearance, we have the expertise, creativity, and commitment to deliver outstanding results that exceed your expectations.

At Skyline Facades, we are passionate about what we do and are dedicated to helping our clients achieve their goals. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you with your next Façade Engineering project.

Our Vision

At Skyline Facades, our vision is to be the leading Façade Engineering firm in the industry, setting new standards for innovation, sustainability, and excellence. We believe that a building’s façade should not only look great but should also play a vital role in its energy efficiency, occupant comfort, and overall performance. That’s why we are continuously researching and developing new solutions and technologies that allow us to deliver sustainable, innovative, and cost-effective Façade Engineering services.


Our Design Approach

We start by understanding. Listening is a precious skill. Understanding what can be achieved allows us to give focused guidance during the early design stage, while our knowledge of manufacture and the limitations of site working make our early involvement critical, as well as beneficial for the overall project, for a successful result.
Understanding our client’s priorities is essential in developing a successful project. We develop bespoke scopes to enable us to deliver the specific requirements of our developer, architects, main contractor and facade contractors clients.

Why Us

Simplicity of Design
The optimum design solutions are often the simplest ones. We are always trying to break-up the project elements to small, manageable tasks. In collaboration with our partners we are seeking the simplest possible solutions, having in mind to keep the architect’s intent and his vision for the building. Simple solutions will lead to savings in time and in budget, while avoiding complex and often over-designed projects.

Innovative and Inventive
As an independent company, SKYLINE FACADES prides itself on providing a comprehensive range of design, engineering and consulting services for the entire building envelope. We design both bespoke and system facades with innovation, having in mind value engineering and sustainability.

Our 25+ years facade design experience guarantees problem-solving techniques and holistic approach. Our team experience includes Architecture, Systems Designing, Project Management, Main Contracting and Commercial Management in major materials supplying manufacturers. All of the above combined in a single team, enables us to ensure the
optimum result as we are in position to see the project elements from a spherical view.

Senior Team

Petros Karatzas
Petros joined the company after a 20-year successful career as Commercial Manager in a leading European materials supplier for the facade industry. He has been involved in the specifications and delivery of an extensive list of landmark projects including several iconic facades in UAE, Qatar, Israel, Bulgaria, Romania among others. These projects include high end commercial, residential and mixed-use building envelopes. His wide international
experience enables him to distinguish best practices across diverse markets as well as integrate them for the optimum value engineering of buildings. His experience, strong ethos and track record of success in all the aspects of business make him pivotal in steering the business towards its aspiration to be the specialist facade engineering partner of choice in a global building envelope market. info@skylinefacades.com

Anastasia Sakka
A founding member of SKYLINE FACADES, Anastasia is a talented architect with a wide spectrum of knowledge. During her career she gain gained extensive experience in design, planning, engineering and contracting. She is able to put together all the necessary pieces that will result in a unique, efficient and effective building. Holding a M.Sc. in Architecture from National Technical University of Athens, and Doctorate of Philosophy degree from University of Edinburg in Scotland, UK. technical@skylinefacades.com

Vassilis Stergiopoulos
Joining the business after a long successful career as Lead Designer in one of the largest aluminium firms in South-East Europe, Vassilis possesses an extensive knowledge in design of aluminium systems and facades. His solid technical knowledge covering the full design process forms a specialized background that offers a significant value to building facades. With a proven ability to think out of the box, Vassilis is capable to provide unique bespoke solutions to any kind of project that will result to significant value to the overall project and stakeholders. vassilis@skylinefacades.com

Hear It From Our Clients

We have been working with SKYLINE since 2010, words are not enough to how much we highly recommend working with SKYLINE, very professional friendly team and more than pleasure to work with.

Doris Hazboun /

Managing Director, Elegant Façade Inc. Canada

High quality and professional company, their service has always been great.

Shay Levi /

Deputy Director of Technical Department, Alumeshet Israel

Our designers, our counselors, our experts. Above all, our best friends. And lifetime partners.

Zain Riaz /

Managing Director Sykon GmbH Middle East, UAE

Skyline found solutions for all our difficulties, made our customers happy with the outcome of design and performance. They made the impossible possible. Thank you SKYLINE team.

Hussain Ali Alawami /

General Manager Al Zuhour, Saudi Arabia

World-class design and engineering consultancy! Resourceful and reliable partners, with high understanding of customer needs.

Petros Mihakos /

Managing Director BIIB Systems, Cyprus

We started our journey with SKYLINE FACADES 12 years ago, and we never looked back. We continue to work together as a single team, to grow our business, and develop our systems. They have been a vital part of our expansion.

Mirza Aamir /

General Manager, Bab Al Rayan Kuwait

You know when someone is a professional when realization meets expectations. You know that you can trust someone when promises are not forgotten. Petros and Vassilis supported me in some of the most difficult cases and I strongly recommend their services.

Petko Pachev /

Sales Manager at ETEM Bulgaria